LAST MINUTE: The French took to the streets! ‘Macron resigns, let’s leave the EU’

After the Russia-Ukraine war, the energy crisis hit Europe. European countries, which have experienced deep shocks in many areas, are implementing their austerity decisions. Thousands of people took to the streets because of these austerity decisions and the problems experienced. The last European country where these images came from was France. The French, who took to the streets after the deteriorating economy and energy crisis in the country, called for leaving the EU. ‘Frexit‘ banners drew attention.

The biggest bill of the Russia-Ukraine war seems to have gone to Europe. Preferring to provide weapons and financial aid to Ukraine instead of efforts to end the war, European countries are struggling with the energy crisis and the disrupted supply chain. With the rise in inflation after the pandemic, the people of European countries, which lost their level of welfare, took to the streets. After England, Germany, Norway and Czechia, reaction demonstrations were also held in France. Macron was invited to resign, and a call was made to leave the EU and NATO.


In Paris, the capital of France, ‘Resistance’ banners were unfurled and protest demonstrations attended by thousands of people were held. Slogans were shouted at the demonstrations organized due to the economic deterioration, the inaccessibility of the health system and the increase in energy prices.


Thinking that the European Union was harming their country, the French demanded ‘Let’s leave the EU’. The word ‘Brexit’, which we often hear during the UK’s departure from the EU, has been brought up again as ‘Frexit’ by the French. The demonstrators unfurled banners that read ‘Frexit’. Again, the idea of ​​leaving NATO was also voiced by the demonstrators.


The French, who took to the streets, blamed President Macron and the government for this picture. Macron was invited by thousands to resign.

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