The Father Of Artificial Intelligence: I Regret My Work

Geoffrey Hinton, 75-year-old Geoffrey Hinton, described as the "father of artificial intelligence", announced his resignation from Google, saying that the developments in the field of artificial intelligence were "terrible" and that he regretted his work in this field.

Speaking to the New York Times, Geoffrey Hinton resigned from his position at Google, saying, “I regret my work on artificial intelligence because of the potential dangers arising from developments in this field.”

Hinton stated that artificial intelligence chatbots are not currently more dangerous than human beings, but some of their potential dangers are quite frightening, and that he believes they may soon be more intelligent than human beings.

Hinton pointed out that the chatbot will soon be able to surpass the level of knowledge that a human brain has, and said, “What we are seeing now is that GPT-4 is overshadowing a person in terms of the amount of general knowledge it has, widening the gap more and more. It’s not as good in terms of reasoning, but it can do simple reasoning.”

Given the pace of progress, Hinton said that he expects the process to unfold fairly quickly, and therefore there is no need to worry.

Hinton also referred to the potential to use artificial intelligence for malicious purposes, noting that this would be a “nightmare scenario”.

Hinton warned that artificial intelligence harbors a potential danger such as “I need to get more power” and said, “I came to the conclusion that the type of intelligence we are developing is very different from the intelligence we have.”

Senior Engineer Who Resigned From Google Warns Of “Artificial Intelligence”

Referring to his resignation from Google, Hinton emphasized that his age was effective in his decision to leave Google and said, “I’m 75 years old, so it’s time to retire.

Jeff Dean, head of Google’s artificial intelligence unit, said in a statement about Hinton’s resignation, “We continue to take a responsible approach to AI. We are constantly trying to understand the emerging risks while at the same time innovating boldly.”

Hinton’s pioneering research on deep learning and neural networks paved the way for current AI systems like ChatGPT.

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