The Fastest Selling Game in PlayStation History Has Changed: Here’s the New Game!

The Fastest Selling Game in PlayStation History Has Changed: Here’s the New Game!

Helldrivers 2, which broke sales records on PS5 and PC, managed to take the top spot. So how many million copies did the game sell? Here are the details!

Sony has been the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to game consoles since we were kids. Now, in its action-packed world, it’s shattering all records with Helldrivers 2. The fastest selling game launch in history for PlayStation, the game has sold 12 million copies on PC and PS5 in just 12 weeks, exceeding expectations.

Last year’s legendary God of War: Ragnarok broke records by keeping players glued to their screens. However, a game released earlier this year has taken the title, surpassing the 11 million sales mark in just 10 weeks. This rapid rise, which overshadowed God of War’s monumental success, seems to herald a new era in the gaming world.

However, despite its success in game sales, Sony is disappointed that PS5 hardware sales have fallen over 4 million short of its original 12-month target and has criticized this situation.

Will PlayStation 5 Break Sales Records with Game Success?

Sony has announced a record-breaking year in terms of revenue, even though the numbers show that it has fallen behind in hardware sales. It attributed this success to an increase in non-first-party game sales and the impact of exchange rates. It also highlighted the performance of Helldivers 2 in particular during a web interview.

Helldrivers 2

In order to boost PlayStation 5 sales, they’re considering reconsidering their new game ideas for release dates for this year. They even reiterated their plans to release UK-based Firesprite’s exciting new online shooter IP Concord later this year.

PlayStation Network’s monthly active users reached 118 million, up 10 million year-on-year. Sony says this is the number of unique gamers using the PlayStation Network. Based on these figures, software sales were up 3% year-on-year, and Tokyo-based industry consultant Dr. Serkan Toto said, “Without Helldivers II, PlayStation numbers would have looked much worse last quarter.”

Sony Interactive Entertainment, which recently went through a CEO shake-up ahead of its financial statements, said in a web call following the latest results on Tuesday that interim CEO Hiroki Totoki reiterated plans to ‘aggressively’ improve profit margins, in part by focusing more on bringing its games to PC.

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