The Drug That Revolutionized Breast Cancer: Millions Could Be Saved

The drug that revolutionized breast cancer: Millions could be saved

British scientists have developed a new drug called capivasertib that shrinks breast cancer tumors. Stating that the drug in question could save the lives of millions of people every year, experts defined capivasertib as a turning point in the treatment of breast cancer.

A drug called capivasertib, which can treat the most common form of breast cancer in the UK, has been described as a “milestone”.


According to the latest data from the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 2.5 million women worldwide were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020. In the same year, the disease caused the death of approximately 687 thousand people. However, experts emphasized that capivasertib can shrink tumors and stop breast cancer for twice as long as previous drugs, giving the good news that millions of people can be saved.

Experts said at the US San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium that the results of phase three clinical trials of the drug were “great” and that this could mean patients suffering from advanced disease could live longer.

“The third phase clinical trial of capivasertib alongside hormone therapy suggests that the combination could be new treatment for patients with advanced forms of the most common form of breast cancer,” said the study authors.


However, Capivasertib was produced by AstraZeneca, which also developed a vaccine against Kovid-19 after research at the Cancer Research Institute (ICR) in London, the capital of England.

The researchers behind Capivasertib emphasized that the drug blocks the activity of the cancer-causing protein molecule AKT.


Cancer Research Institute (ICR) CEO Prof. Dr. Kristian Helin, “Capivasertib is a landmark for the treatment of advanced forms of the most common form of breast cancer. It is incredibly exciting to see a drug discovered as a result of research. Capivasertib, conducted at the ICR and showing remarkable benefits for patients in the third phase trial, “is completely new for these patients. It can offer a treatment option.”

prof. Dr. Helin said she hopes longer-term follow-up of the results will show that patients live longer with the new drug combination.

“The current findings are already strong enough for capivasertib to be submitted to drug regulators for approval as a new breast cancer treatment,” Helin said.

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