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The dance of death of millions of butterflies in Sakarya: The cause is unknown

The dance of death of millions of butterflies in Sakarya: The cause is unknown

In Adapazarı district of Sakarya, the natural phenomenon, which is repeated every year and results in the death of millions of butterflies, occurred again. It is learnt that although many researches were carried out on this natural phenomenon, no definite finding was found.

The death flight of willow butterflies, which was seen in the second week of July in previous years, took place in the second week of August this year.

Millions of white-coloured willow butterflies flying along the Sakarya River to the old Sakarya Bridge in Güneşler Köprü neighbourhood gathered around the lights on the bridge after their flight, which is called the ‘dance of death’. In this interesting natural phenomenon that started with the darkening of the weather, the butterflies started to die by falling on the bridge after flying around the lights for hours. The death dance of millions of butterflies resembling the snowfall surprised those who saw it.

dance of death of millions of butterflies

The butterflies circling around the street lights on the bridge also moved towards the lights of passing vehicles. This impressive sight caused difficulties for vehicles travelling on the bridge. Bicycle and motorbike drivers also had difficulty moving forward due to this natural phenomenon.

A citizen named Mücahit Nar, who watched the interesting natural phenomenon, said that the event was surprising and saddening. High school student Mehmet Emir Pulat also said that he saw the event for the first time and was very surprised.

dance of death of millions of butterflies


On the other hand, it was learnt that although many investigations were carried out on the natural phenomenon, no definite findings were found. People in the region consider the death dance of butterflies as a sign of the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.


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