The crashed plane in Trabzon became a pita maker

The Pegasus plane, which skidded off the runway in Trabzon, was turned into a pide maker by investors. While the plane was leaving the runway, the people on the plane came to the plane and ate pita.

The Boeing 737-800 type passenger plane, which went out of control at Trabzon Airport 5 years ago, got stuck on the slope 25 meters before the sea and was scrapped, was converted into a pita lounge on the coast of Yomra, where it was taken. Passengers who experienced fearful moments on the plane, where the lawsuit against its 2 pilots continued, came together and became the first guests of the ‘airplane pita lounge’ that was put into service. Passengers sat at the table placed in the area where their seats were located at the time of the accident and ate pita.

The Boeing 737-800 type passenger plane, named ‘Zeynep’, belonging to Pegasus Airlines, flight number PC 8622, making the Ankara-Trabzon flight, headed to the sea side in the north of the runway while landing at Trabzon Airport on January 13, 2018. The plane, whose landing gear got stuck in the mud, was able to stop 25 meters from the sea. The 162 passengers and 6 crew members on the plane were evacuated with the intervention of the crews. The plane, which was scrapped and removed from its location after 20 hours of work by a team of 100 people with 500-ton cranes, was taken to Yomra district in 2018 by a TIR, where it was loaded to be converted into a pita bread room after technical inspections. Within the scope of the investigation initiated by the Trabzon Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the accident, a lawsuit was brought against the captain pilot Ender Bayraktar (67) and the co-pilot İrfan Yavuz (51) at the Trabzon 7th Criminal Court of First Instance with the charge of “injuring more than one person by negligence”, with a prison sentence of up to 3 years.


The plane, which was idle for a while in the district, was designed by the 3 investors to which it was allocated, and it was converted into a pita lounge after landscaping. The first guests of the plane pita lounge, which started to serve after the works costing approximately 5 million liras, were the passengers who experienced fearful moments on the plane. The passengers, who came together years later, sat at the table placed in the area where their seats were during the accident and ate pita.

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