The Best Selling Games on Steam Have Been Announced! Here is the List

This week, as usual, Steam shared the list of best-selling games. There are surprising names on the list of fierce competition.

The world’s largest digital game store, Steam, regularly shares the best-selling games. The list, which is updated every week, consists of 100 games and includes cutthroat competition. Now, between March 7th and 14th, the list of best-selling games on Steam has been announced. Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

The order has not changed: CS: GO has retained its role as the best-selling game on Steam! The production, which broke the record for the highest number of simultaneous players of all time in the past days, was at the top with 1 million 412 thousand 183 players. The production, which is at the top in terms of sales this week, does not get old by challenging the years. Behind this success may be the CS: GO 2 rumors that emerged last week.

In second place is Apex Legends, which is also a Free to Play production. The online battle-royale game is in the second place in the list by being active with the updates it receives and new characters it offers.

Here is the list of best selling games on Steam:

  • 1- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • 2- Apex Legends
  • 3- Sons of The Forest
  • 4- FIFA
  • 5- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
  • 6- Tom Clancys’s Rainbow Six Siege
  • 7- Resident Evil
  • 8- Destiny 2
  • 9- Hogwarts Legacy
  • 10- Dead by Daylight
  • 12- Atomic Heart
  • 13- Detroit: Become Human
  • 14- Dota 2
  • 15- The Last of US Part I
  • 16- Battlefield 2042
  • 17- Red Dead Redemption
  • 18- Resident Evil Village
  • 19- Contraband Police
  • 20- Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War


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