The Best Horror Movies Of The Last 25 Years Have Been Revealed!

Rotten Tomatoes, the most popular TV series and movie platform, has determined the best horror movies since 1998 in line with the ratings given by users and critics. Many productions, from Audition to The Host, managed to get their name on the list.

The best horror movies of the last 25 years!

The shared list starts with “The Ring”, which was chosen as the best horror movie of 2008. There is also an end with the production of “X”, which is the best of 2022. When we take a look at the productions on the list, we see that the majority of them have received awards many times in the past.

Here are the best horror movies of the last 25 years:

1998The Ring98%
2000Ginger Snaps90%
2001The Devil’s Backbone93%
200228 Days Later87%
2003A Tale of Two Sisters85%
2004Shaun of the Dead92%
2005The Descent86%
2006The Host93%
2007The Orphanage87%
2008Let the Right One In98%
2010Let Me In88%
2011The Cabin in the Woods92%
2013The Conjuring86%
2014The Babadook98%
2015Green Room90%
2016Train to Busan94%
2017Get Out98%
2018A Quiet Place96%
2020His House100%
2021A Quiet Place Part II91%


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