The allegation that the police beat 15-year-old Esra Penahi to death in Iran

With the death of Mahsa Emini, the allegations that 15-year-old Esra Penahi was killed by the police, who refused to say that she would attend high school while the demonstrations continued, are being discussed.

While the country was in turmoil following the death of Mahsa Emini, a written statement was made by the Iranian Teachers’ Union.

According to the statement, on October 12, 7 students, 2 of whom were heavy students, who refused to sing the anthem praising the regime at Shahid High School in Ardebil were beaten by the security forces in plain clothes after chanting slogans.

Esra Penahi passed away

One of the injured students, Esra Penahi, 15, died one day after the incident in the hospital where she was treated.

The Teachers’ Union announced that Penahi lost his life as a result of the coup organized by plain-clothes police.

The allegations have been the subject of controversy

Panahi’s uncle, in a statement to Iranian state television, both denied the allegations of the police attack and said that Panahi had a heart condition that had been going on since childhood and died because of it.

Some claim that such statements were made under the direction or pressure of the regime.

On the other hand, Ardabil MP Kazim Mousavi, addressing the Iranian Parliament deputies, claimed that Panahi committed suicide by taking drugs.

The conservative politician, who made heavy accusations against Panahi, said, “This girl wasn’t even a student. She committed suicide by taking pills. F*ck her.” used expressions.

Ali Dayi, one of the leading names in the sports community in Iran, said in a written statement that the death of the young girl was not related to suicide or illness, based on the information he received from local sources.

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