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With its historical background, magnificent buildings and especially the opportunity to travel by train, Van, which has become one of the most beautiful touristic destinations in Turkey, awaits travel lovers with its many features in its wide basin. There are many things that you can do in Van. It has many beauties from its geographical features to its cuisine, from its rich cultural heritage to tourism opportunities, from entertainment to festivals, from its unique features to its activity opportunities.

Here are the 5 thinsg thay you can do in Van;

For a history of 2,700 years, you can visit the Van Castle, the cradle of the Urartians and civilization. You can also visit the recently opened world’s largest Urartu Museum. Be sure to add Akdamar Island and Akdamar Church to your list of attractions at the end of April (you can have a pleasant trip with a tour organization called Almond Trees during this period.)

The whole secret of Van breakfast, which has a rich flavor feast with the combination of different cuisines, is actually due to the naturalness of the products. Some of the indispensable ingredients of the Van mixed breakfast are Otlu cheese, Kavut, roasted eggs with eggs, honey, churn butter, milk cream, murtuga, stone oven-baked lavash bread, Van buns, samovar tea and other classic breakfast ingredients. Breakfast halls in Edremit district and places in the side streets of Van can be preferred.

Due to the fact that Van is close to the Iranian border due to its geographical location, you may encounter some products coming from here, and you can see products from Thailand and Dubai are exhibited. Porcelain, smuggled Iranian tea, Persian Dates, shawls, authentic Thai wooden products can be obtained from the Russian Market.

You can enjoy nature and Lake Van (local people definitely call it the sea) in these areas starting from Edremit district of Van to the district of Gevaş and without any security problems. You can also visit the Abalı ski resort. This unique place, where you can enjoy the lake view while skiing, offers ski lovers a turquoise view in the company of white with its slope, snow thickness, snow quality, track length and the chairlift line of 1200 and 5000 meters. As you proceed on the ski track starting from the Artos mountain, you encounter the breathtaking view of the Van sea.

In the center of Van, there are many pleasant and newly opened nightclubs and pubs. Folklore bars, which have an important place in Van entertainment life, are among the indispensable ones.

How to get to Van ?

City bus, taxi, transfer vehicle and car rental options can be used to reach the city center from Van Ferit Melen Airport. There is no HAVAŞ service at Van Airport. The most economical method of transportation from the airport to the city center is the municipal bus. The city bus number 351 operates on the airport-city center route according to flight times. There are also direct buses from many cities of our country to Van, which is located in the easternmost point of Turkey.

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