Tesla is building new charging stations in Turkey! How much are the charging prices?

Tesla Turkey continues its investments after the negative developments on the management side. According to the latest information, the installation of new Supercharger charging stations has started in Turkey.

While the interest in electric vehicles is increasing day by day, the number of electric vehicle charging stations should also increase at the same pace to avoid negative experiences. However, while the number of charging stations serving in Turkey is increasing day by day, many brands continue to work to establish their own charging network. Finally, Tesla continues to expand its Supercharger charging network in Turkey.

Telsa builds new Supercharger charging stations

According to Dolubatarya, which focuses on electric vehicles, Tesla has started installing new Supercharger charging stations in Turkey. Tesla already has its own Supercharger charging stations in Ankara, Bolu, Edirne and Istanbul. The new stations are now being installed at the O68 Oksijen Gemlik rest stop on the Istanbul-Izmir highway. Tesla plans to bring DC charging service to cities such as Izmir, Antalya and Konya.

As of October 2023, there are 4,221 charging stations in Turkey. These charging stations have a total of 8,861 sockets, i.e. charging points. Of the 8,861 charging points, 6,633 are AC charging (slow charging) and 2,228 are DC charging (fast charging). Most of these stations are located in major cities and at major highway crossing points.

Electric vehicle charging prices

Tesla SuperCharger

  • For Tesla owners: 7.8 TL / kWh
  • For other cars: 8.6 TL / kWh


  • AC socket 5.9 TL/kWh
  • All DC sockets up to 60 kW 6.75 TL/kWh
  • All other DC sockets 7.5 TL/kWh


  • AC socket 6.65 TL/kWh
  • DC socket 7.95 TL/kWh


  • 180 kW DC sockets 7.99 TL/kWh
  • 300 kW DC sockets 7.99 TL/kWh


  • 22 kW AC sockets 5.95 TL/kWh
  • 60 – 200 kW DC sockets 7.45 TL/kWh


  • AC Type 2 sockets 6.29 TL/kWh
  • 60 kW DC CCS sockets 7.49 TL/kWh
  • 120 and 180 kW DC CCS, CHAdeMO sockets 7.99 TL/kWh


  • All AC sockets up to 22 kW 7.48 TL/kWh
  • All DC sockets up to 60 kW 8.98 TL/kWh
  • All other DC sockets 9.48 TL/kWh

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