Tesla cars revealed to have a secret ‘Elon Mode’

A hacker has revealed that Tesla cars have a secret ‘Elon Mode’ for fully autonomous driving. It has been reported that the feature does not require any attention from the driver during autonomous driving.

An anonymous hacker discovered that Tesla vehicles have a hidden hands-free driving feature called “Elon Mode”. The hacker, using the @greentheonly username on Twitter, is known for evaluating the electric vehicle manufacturer’s software code and uncovering features before they are officially available. Finally, the hacker revealed the hidden “Elon Mode” feature that does not require any attention from the driver when using Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) software.

Teslas have hidden “Elon Mode”

Tesla’s FSD software, led by Elon Musk, is the electric vehicle manufacturer’s advanced driver assistance system in beta testing, but this option requires $15,000 or $199 per month. While the security of FSD software remains a matter of debate, recently, an internal report leaked last month stated that FSD received thousands of user complaints about sudden braking and sudden acceleration.

On the other hand, the hacker posted a video on Twitter in which he tested the hidden autonomous driving feature after finding it and activating it. Tesla’s autopilot system requires drivers to hold the steering wheel to confirm they are paying attention to the road. There is also constant monitoring with the interior camera above the rear view mirror to make sure drivers are looking at the road. Tesla cars send a continuous alert if the driver is not looking at the road or holding the steering wheel while FSD is active. The user who discovered the Elon Mode feature stated that after activating it, he tested the vehicle for approximately 965 kilometers and the systems did not give any warning.

It remains unclear whether this FSD feature will come to end users or whether it is a hidden feature used for engineering testing of the software. However, Greentheonly states that even in this version, the vehicle can change lanes randomly and go slow on the highway. But according to Greentheonly, FSD is safer than ever and is constantly evolving.

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