Terkos Dam water receded, revealing the historical road

Terkos Dam water receded, revealing the historical road

In Istanbul, where the heat wave is effective, the filling rate of dams continues to decline. The occupancy rate in Terkos Dam decreased to 21.84 per cent. The historical road that emerged with the decrease in the filling rate in the dam was photographed from the air.

Terkos Dam

The scorching heat affecting the world and Turkey has also increased water consumption.
Due to the lack of expected precipitation this year, the water level in the dams remained far below what it should be.


The average occupancy rate in Istanbul dams is 36.21 per cent. In Terkos Dam, which had an occupancy rate of 61.44 per cent in the same period last year, the occupancy rate decreased to 21.84 per cent.

As a result of this withdrawal, the historical road in the lake emerged.

Terkos Dam

The historical road covered with grass was photographed from the air with a drone.

It was learnt that the road, which was first thought to be from the Balkan War years, was determined to be older.

Terkos Dam

While many boats were stranded due to the receding waters in the dam, metres of receding waters formed islets in some places.

Terkos Dam

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