Teknofest 2023 Has Started

The Opening Ceremony Of Teknofest, Which Was Postponed Due To Heavy Rainfall In Istanbul, Was Held Today.

The world’s largest space and aviation festival, organized for the 6th time this year, started at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. The official opening of the festival, which was postponed today due to rain, attracted great interest from citizens.

Baykar Technology President Selçuk Bayraktar visited the competitors and invited citizens to the festival. “Bayraktar Kızılelma” and “Kemankeş” were also exhibited for the first time.

Selçuk Bayraktar, Chairman of TEKNOFEST Board of Directors and T3 Foundation Board of Trustees, made a speech at the ceremony area on the occasion of the opening.

Here are the highlights of Bayraktar’s speech;

I believe that within TEKNOFEST, we will have young brothers and sisters who offer solutions to earthquakes and disasters. TEKNOFEST has become the name of a silent revolution. The number of applications exceeded 1 million. More than 1 million young people who said they would develop technology formed teams. The generation of 100 years ago was resurrected today as the TEKNOFEST generation. We will crown the 100th anniversary of our Republic with TEKNOFEST. In the 100th year, are we ready to organize TEKNOFEST in Izmir and Ankara?

“Turkey Will Be An Unstoppable Country”

In his speech, İsmail Demir, President of the Defence Industry, said, “We see an activity here not only for the defence industry, but also for all kinds of technology for the benefit of humanity. Now the fire of technology has been lit.”

Demir continued his words as follows;

From now on, the ‘Turkish Century’ will reach much higher heights on your shoulders. In 2071, Turkey will be an unstoppable country. Now we are sure that if something is man-made, I say ‘we can do much better’ thanks to you.

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