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Tekken 8 final trailer shows off the character design change from Tekken’s legendary fighting cast, Paul Phoenix.

Tekken 8’s cast includes familiar names such as Jin Kazama, King and Marshall Law, as well as adding Paul Phoenix to the cast, with Tekken 8’s latest trailer revealed. The American tough street fighter comes with a noticeably different look from his previous games. Tekken 8 gameplay footage made with Unreal Engine 5 doesn’t look bad either.

Phoenix, which has been part of the series since the original 1994 game, also undergoes another appearance change depending on the time spent with many of the main characters. Coming towards the end of Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima’s Tekken series, it’s still unclear how many characters will fit into the game’s story.

Tekken 8 final trailer shows Paul Phoenix character

Tekken 8 is the latest installment in Bandai Namco’s long-running fighting game series and continues six months after Tekken 7’s story mode. The game’s story will continue to focus on the fate of Jin Kazama and Mishima’s clan as they try to end the chaos that Kazuya Mishima and the family have brought into the world. The game also marks the return of Jin’s mother, Jun Kazama, who is thought to have died following the events of Tekken 3.

While the story continues to focus on the Mishima clan, Paul Phoenix is ​​featured in the game’s final gameplay trailer. In the trailer, players are shown the game style that will be played soon. However, the redesign of Phoenix given in the trailer stands out. Phoenix will wear a slightly more relaxed hairstyle this time around. The Phoenix design in Tekken 7 was a design aimed at modernizing it a bit. However, this design didn’t take his signature cool cut hair and sharply cropped blond eyebrows far from his original Tekken look. Now Phoenix’s design has allowed him to swap his red outfits for a leather jacket and trousers to further express his love of motorcycling.

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