Teenager Hit by Police in France Loses His Testicle

During the pension reform protests, the 26-year-old teenager, who wanted to shoot the brawl between the police and the public, was laid on the ground by another police officer. The testicles of the young man who was hit in the groin with a stick were cut.

The streets of France are having lively days.

While the government was considering raising the retirement age to 64, the people took to the streets.

As the public protest began, the police responded with a harsh response.

He Was Hit In The Groin With A Stick

According to the news in The Guardian, the 26-year-old youth, who participated in the demonstrations on Thursday, wanted to shoot the brawl between the public and the police.

In the meantime, the young man, who was laid on the ground by a police officer, was hit in the groin with a stick.

The lawyer of the young man, who experienced moments of horror, stated that he had filed a complaint against his client for “voluntary violence by a person with public authority that led to injury”.

Testicle Cut off

While describing the severity of the coup, the lawyer explained that his client had to have his testicles cut off as a result of the attack.

It is known that the young man is still being treated at the hospital.

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