TCG Anadolu Ship Alerted Greece

TCG Anadolu Ship Alerted Greece

Turkey’s first aircraft carrier, TCG Anadolu, created fear in Greece. Greek retired vice-admiral Martzoukos commented that “It is a very big development” for TCG Anadolu, where SİHA will be deployed. The Greek commander said the ship complicates the plans of Greece and Southern Cyprus.

Vassilis Martzoukos, retired vice-admiral who serves as the Vice President of the Greek Institute of Strategic Research and Science, made statements such as confession about his country’s tension with Turkey. Martzoukos claimed that Turkey was trying to surround Greece militarily, politically and diplomatically. Stating that Turkey has not taken action without being sure throughout history, Martzoukos emphasized that Turkey’s new electronic warfare weapon systems should not be taken lightly.

TCG Anadolu Ship

TCG Anadolu Ship


Martzoukos said, “The TCG Anatolia, where the SİHAs will be deployed, is a huge development. I’m sure Turkey can use this to complicate the plans of Greece and even Southern Cyprus in other areas besides the Aegean.”


Pointing to Turkey’s military presence in Albania and Libya, the retired vice admiral said, “In the event of a possible conflict, Turkey’s intention is to liquidate the Greek Armed Forces. Turkey is trying to surround Greece politically, militarily and diplomatically. Via Libya and the Balkans.” . “This means that its sphere of influence extends to the west of the Aegean. This is something that should worry us.”

TCG Anadolu Ship

TCG Anadolu Ship


Drawing attention to Turkey’s ballistic missiles, the Admiral said, “But we must be realistic. We must produce like Turkey. Our air defense system must take Turkey’s ballistic missiles into account.” Emphasizing that the Turkish Navy will make great progress in the field of submarines in a few years, Martzoukos said that the Blue Vatan harmed the sovereign rights of Greece.

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