TCG Anadolu set off for its first mission

TCG Anadolu, which anchored in İzmir Alsancak port on May 3 and opened to the public, set off for its first mission. TCG Anadolu will serve as SİHA and multi-purpose amphibious assault ship.

Turkey’s largest warship, TCG Anadolu Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship, which was developed under the main contractor of Sedef Shipyard with a localization rate of approximately 70%, is on its way for its first mission. The ship, which entered the inventory on April 10, was opened to the public in Istanbul and Izmir. The ship left İzmir Alsancak port today.

According to the social media accounts of the Ministry of National Defense, TCG Anadolu will participate in a planned exercise. No official statement was made about the exercise.

As the wings of Bayraktar TB3 SİHA and Bayraktar Kızılelma unmanned fighter aircraft, Bayraktar TB3, developed by Baykar, can be folded on the runway above TCG Anadolu, space will be saved. In addition, studies will be carried out to enable the HÜRJET Light Attack Aircraft, developed by TAI, to land and take off at TCG Anadolu.

TCG Anadolu will carry 11 SİHAs or 10 helicopters on the flight deck, and 30 SİHAs or 19 helicopters in the hangar. A total of 94 land vehicles, including 13 tanks, 27 armored amphibious assault vehicles (ZAHA), 6 armored personnel carriers, 33 miscellaneous vehicles and 15 trailers, can be transported on the vehicle deck of the ship. 4 mechanized landing craft, each carrying 1 tank, can enter the water-capable pool inside TCG Anadolu.

TCG Anadolu, which can reach a maximum speed of 20.5 knots with full load, has a length of 231 meters and a weight of 27.4 thousand tons. It can host 1,223 personnel. There is a full-fledged hospital facility and 2 operating theaters on board.

TCG Anadolu features

  • Weight: 27.4 thousand tons
  • Maximum Speed: 20.5 tons
  • Economic Speed: 16 knots
  • Flight Deck area: 5.440 m2
  • Flight Deck Capacity: 11 SİHAs or 10 helicopters
  • Hangar Capacity: 30 SİHAs or 19 helicopters
  • Vehicle Capacity: 13 tanks, 27 ZAHA, 6 armored personnel carriers, 33 miscellaneous vehicles, 15 trailers
  • Personnel Capacity: 1,223
  • Mechanized Landing Craft Capacity: 4
  • Length: 231 meters
  • Width: 32 meters
  • Height: 58 meters

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