T-rex Dinosaur Skeleton Sold For 6.2 Million Dollars

A Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-rex) Dinosaur Skeleton Was Auctioned In Switzerland. The 67 Million-year-old Skeleton Fetched 6.2 Million Dollars.

The Koller Auction House in Zurich, Switzerland, auctioned a T-Rex dinosaur skeleton for the first time in Europe.

Sold For 6.2 Million Dollars

The dinosaur skeleton, about 67 million years old, was bought for 6.2 million dollars.

The 11.6 meter long and 3.9 meter high skeleton is described as “one of the most spectacular T-Rex skeletons”.

The skeleton was purchased by an unnamed European private collector and will remain in Europe, a spokesperson for Koller Auction House said.

More Than Half The Skeleton Is Real Bone

Composed of 293 individual bones, the “293 Trinity” skeleton was assembled from the remains of three different T-Rex dinosaurs found between 2008 and 2013 at excavation sites in Montana and Wyoming, USA.

While many of the dinosaur skeletons auctioned were partly molds, it was reported that more than half of the 293 Trinity were real bones.

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