Surprising Decision from YouTube: Cursing Rules Are Being Stretched!

Surprising Decision from YouTube: Cursing Rules Are Being Stretched!

YouTube has decided to expand its strict policy on profanity when it comes to monetizing videos. Details are here!

The new profanity rules that YouTube introduced late last year are being relaxed. An update will outline a less restrictive policy and allow the use of moderate to strong profanity without the risk of ad blocking.

The initial policy, which was first implemented in November, flagged any video that used vulgar language in its first few seconds as inappropriate for advertising and made little distinction between “strong” or “moderate” profanity. The policy also seemed to apply retroactively, as many creators claimed that videos they posted prior to the updated policy lost monetization. Now YouTube is tweaking its policies by making its strictness on profanity more flexible.


How Will YouTube’s New Cursing Policy Work?

Creators who use profanity in the first seven seconds of a video will now be able to continue receiving ads under certain conditions. If the profanity is “moderate”, the video will not face any restrictions, but strong profanity in the opening seconds can only cause a video to receive “limited advertising.”

According to the original rules in the update, it is stated that these two scenarios can cause a video to be completely unpublished. Creators will be able to swear more frequently after the first seven seconds without fear of losing ad revenue, but YouTube notes that excessive profanity will continue to run the risk of content being removed or restricted.

The update also clarifies that heavy language in background, outro or intro music will not affect monetization.

The new language policy went into effect on March 7, and while it won’t address all creators’ concerns, it will make it easier for most YouTubers to continue monetizing their videos without significantly changing their content or style.

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