Super Blue Moon is approaching: When Will It Happen? How Will It Be Observable?

Super Blue Moon is approaching: When Will It Happen? How Will It Be Observable?

When will the Super Blue Moon and the Blue Moon come together? Here are the details!

As the highly anticipated Super BlueMoon approaches, the excitement is growing. Moon enthusiasts will have a great observation opportunity this month as the Super BlueMoon and the Blue Moon come together to create a breathtaking spectacle.

The Super BlueMoon, which will grace the night sky on August 30-31, will begin on Wednesday night and last until the early hours of Thursday morning. During this time, the Moon will appear much larger and brighter than usual as it comes as close to Earth as it does in a normal month.

Super Blue Moon

When will the Super Blue Moon be observable?

For those who want to witness the peak of this spectacle, the Blue Moon will reach its peak at 04:36 on the night between Wednesday and Thursday, Turkey time, and will light up the sky with its splendor.

Known for its appearance from dusk to dawn, the Full Moon has fascinated societies throughout history and has led to various cultural interpretations. Typically, the phases of the moon occur sequentially within a month, but certain events occasionally cause a Full Moon to appear twice over a long period of time.

Despite its name, the Super BlueMoon is not actually blue, but glows brightly instead. According to NASA, Blue Moons occur every two to three years due to the gap of about 29.5 days between Full Moons.

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