Striking Research on Generation Z: They Age Faster!

A new study reveals that Generation Z is aging faster. So what are the main reasons for this? Here are the details!

Recent studies show that young people born between 1997 and 2012, the so-called “Generation Z”, are aging faster than previous generations. This situation draws attention to alarming health problems such as the increase in cancer cases at a young age.

The report published at a conference held at the Washington University School of Medicine in the USA on the subject addresses this very issue, and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Yakup Çil from Istanbul Medical Park Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital made a series of important statements about the underlying causes of premature aging of Generation Z.

What are the Reasons for Generation Z to Age Faster?

Prof. Dr. Çil drew attention to the sedentary lifestyle brought about by technological developments and stated that the long hours spent by Generation Z on social media and digital platforms cause a lack of physical activity and consequently weight gain. It is thought that excess weight can make young people look older than they are and cause them to struggle with obesity-related health problems.

Generation Z

Prof. Dr. Çil also emphasized that the digital world also negatively affects sleep patterns and stated that young people who spend time with computer games and social media until late at night cannot get enough sleep and this causes their skin to age faster.

Prof. Dr. Çil also emphasized that young people should keep the time they spend in the digital world under control and spend more time on physical activities, and underlined that reversing the premature aging trend of Generation Z is both an individual and social responsibility.

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