Statement From The USA On The Missile That Fell On Poland

Statement From The USA On The Missile That Fell On Poland

Two people lost their lives in a missile that crashed into a village on the Ukrainian border in Poland. While eyes are turned to Russia, which is at war with Ukraine, the US statement said, “Initial findings show that Ukraine launched the missile that fell on Poland to shoot down a Russian missile.”

It was reported that an unidentified misile fell on the village of Przewodow, on the Polish border with Ukraine, killing 2 people. After that, the Polish National Security Committee urgently convened and decided to increase the combat readiness of the troops.


Many NATO countries made statements that the development was alarming and stated that the incident should be examined in all its aspects and many details should be clarified. Since Poland is a NATO member, NATO decided to meet urgently today. During the meeting, the missile attack and evaluations regarding the process will be discussed.


The claim that the misile was launched by Russia, which is at war with Ukraine, raised the question of whether there is another war in mind. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that Russia did not carry out any attacks on targets on the Polish-Ukrainian border. “The accusations that Russian missiles fell on Polish soil are deliberate provocation,” the ministry said.



The USA, on the other hand, stated that they examined the issue to the smallest detail and shared the first findings about the misile that hit Poland with the public. Accordingly, the misile, which killed two people on the territory of NATO member Poland, was fired by Ukrainian forces to knock down a Russian misile into the air. Ukrainian President Zelenski also announced yesterday that Russia had launched 85 missile attacks across the country, mostly on energy infrastructure. US President Biden also said that he could not say anything clearly about the missile that fell into Poland and killed 2 people, and that the first information they had was that the missile was launched by Russia. He said the probability of launch was low.

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