Statement from Chery and MG: Will they withdraw from Turkey?

Statement from Chery and MG: Will they withdraw from Turkey?

After the change in the additional customs duty for passenger cars imported from China, a positive statement came from Chery and MG for Turkey!

Recently, there has been an explosion in Chery sales in our country due to its competitive price and SUV structure. In this context, while the vehicles introduced in China were closely followed by the users in our country, an unexpected development took place recently.

On the grounds of increasing and protecting the share of domestic production in the domestic market and encouraging domestic investments, the additional customs tax for passenger vehicles imported from China was changed. The 40 percent additional customs duty currently applied for electric cars from China will now be applied for all fuel types.

While the first question that came to everyone’s mind after this additional tax decision was “Will Chinese manufacturers withdraw from Turkey?”, the manufacturers made a statement contrary to this idea and stated that they will invest more in Turkey.

Chery and MG Want to Open Factories in Turkey

Chery and MG

Si Fenghuo, President of Chery Turkey, made the following statements on the subject;

“Turkey is also an important part of Chery’s European strategy. We respect the government’s decision on tax regulation. Considering the current situation, while we are working to adapt to the changes, we are also working intensively with the relevant ministries to analyze the feasibility of factory construction and production in Turkey.

We are endeavoring to realize production in Turkey as soon as possible.”

According to Yeni Şafak, Doğan Trend Otomotiv, the distributor of MG in Turkey, also made a statement;

Doğan Trend Otomotiv CEO Kağan Dağtekin said, “As Turkey, we have increased the total customs duty to 50 percent. This new practice came earlier and harshly than we expected. MG management had officially announced that they would establish production facilities in Europe to continue their development in Europe. As Doğan Trend, we are working to ensure that the first of the plants planned in Europe will be in Turkey. We reached the stage of signing a letter of intent with MG last week. Our Ministry of Industry is also involved in this investment and we receive very good support from them.”

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