Starbucks Won’t Accept Cash From October?

The claim is as follows;

In a post on a Twitter account on August 30, 2022, it was claimed that Starbucks would not accept cash from October.

What is the source of the allegation?

On August 29, 2022, a Twitter account shared a photo from inside the Starbucks store and said, “It seems like a major reset is happening before our eyes.” noted. The post was tagged Starbucks’ UK Twitter account. The same account also tweeted that he took this photo in Durham, England.

The caption on the photo reads “We’re moving to non-cash payments,” and from October 1, only credit cards, contactless cards, or Starbucks gift cards will be accepted. Later, on the same date, this photo was quoted and many shares were shared on social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook.

Starbucks Won’t Withdraw Cash From October?

Starbucks UK Twitter account made a statement on these shares. According to the statement, Starbucks states that it has no plans to switch to cashless payment in its UK stores. It has been added that they work with partners with different licensees, so this situation may vary from store to store. However, he noted that most stores have a cash payment option.

In addition, there are no announcements regarding the transition to cashless payments on Starbucks Turkey’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Reuters and USA Today also examined the similar claim.

The claim is WRONG

In a post from a Twitter account, it was claimed that Starbucks will not accept cash from October 1. In the research, it seems that the source of the claim is an announcement published by a Starbucks branch in the United Kingdom. The notice states that as of October 1, 2022, cash payments will not be accepted. However, Starbucks’ UK Twitter account made an announcement and stated that as a result of working with different license partners, some stores may have different applications, but some stores may have different applications. Most stores have a cash payment option. So this application is not a general application, it is only valid for the store where the photo was taken. In addition, Starbucks Turkey does not have an announcement that the cash payment option will be removed.

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