Special ambulance for street animals!

Special ambulance for street animals!

The “Emergency Response Ambulance” team working in Gebze district of Kocaeli treats diseases that pose a risk to both themselves and human health by examining stray animals.

In Gebze district of Kocaeli, Emergency Response Ambulance was equipped with the necessary equipment and turned into a mini clinic.

The driver, veterinarian and technician in charge of the mobile vehicle, which the Municipality Veterinary Affairs Directorate has equipped with the necessary equipment and turned into a “mini clinic”, check the vaccination status, internal and external parasites, eye diseases, infections and injuries of cats and dogs on the streets and streets where people are busy and apply treatment.

The team, which has made various interventions to 5,642 stray animals in the district in the last 1 year, brings the animals in need of a clinical environment to the Gebze Municipality Street Animal Rehabilitation and Training Centre.

With the records kept by the mobile team, a control mechanism is established regarding the population of stray animals, as well as preventing the formation of parasites and diseases that may harm human health.


Veterinarian Emrah Çay, Chief Physician of Gebze Municipality Street Animals Rehabilitation and Training Centre, told AA correspondent that all kinds of materials and tools they need to use in the intervention are included in the vehicle.

ambulance for street animals

Explaining that the emergency response vehicle was designed 1 year ago, Çay said, “You can think of it as a mini clinic. It is a mini clinic with all kinds of tools, where all interventions can be done.”

ambulance for street animals

Çay said that the team checks the internal and external parasites of the animals and makes instant interventions on the spot for animals that cannot come to the centre.

ambulance for street animals

Çay noted that the team offers practices such as vaccination, internal and external parasite control as a service to citizens.

Special ambulance for street animals!

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