Sony Discusses Future PS5 Games!

Sony Discusses Future PS5 Games!

Sony has released a report on what kind of big games it is working on and will be working on in the coming years. Details are here!

Sony confirmed at its Business Segment Meeting that PlayStation Studios plans to release “two or more big” PS5 games each year from now on. These games will cover a mix of existing franchises and new IPs and will include single player experiences as well as live services. Sony wants to cover “every major genre,” but with particular emphasis on shooters, racing games, RPGs, platformers, action games and sports.

In addition, the company plans to expand to other platforms to “grow its audience.” Recent examples of this are their attempts on PC and smartphones.

Future PS5 Games

What Games Await PS5 Owners in the Future?

As part of the presentation, PlayStation Studios leader Hermen Hulst confirmed that Sony is working on 12 live service games that will account for 60% of the PS5 business model in fiscal 2025. The remaining 40% will be Sony’s “traditional” single-player experiences. Guerrilla Games, Haven Studio and Firewalk Studios stand out as developers working on the Live Service.

Depending on whether Sony recognizes Horizon Call of the Mountain as one of its two major PS5 exclusives for 2023, it could have another big game to complete this year, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, provided it lives up to that promise. The PS5 has proven it can do that in the years before its generation, and players watched Horizon Forbidden West, The Last of Us: Part I, and God of War Ragnarok last year.

With Peter Parker’s second game as well as Death Stranding 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine being the other two PS5 exclusives announced, today’s PlayStation Showcase is expected to reveal much more than Sony has planned for the coming years.

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