Solar Storm Coming

Internet And Power Outages Possible

A gap in the sun’s atmosphere, known as a coronal hole, will start a solar storm towards Earth today. The solar storm, assumed to be 20 times the size of the Earth and traveling up to 2.9 million kilometers per hour, could cause internet or power outages.

Gaseous material is expected to flow through the so-called coronal hole and the solar wind stream is expected to reach Earth today.

The coronal hole likely to cause the solar storm that could reach Earth on Friday is about 300,000 to 400,000 kilometers in diameter, according to a Business Insider report quoting Alex Young of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. The size of the coronal hole is equivalent to about 20 to 30 Earths lined up in a row, Young said.

However, the solar wind stream heading towards Earth is likely to be less violent.

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has labeled the solar storm as a moderate storm and stated that the impact of such storms on technology and infrastructure will be limited.

A more powerful geomagnetic storm triggered by a solar flare could overwhelm the country’s power grid and shut down telephone towers and communication networks.

What Will Be The Effects Of The Solar Storm?

He categorizes solar storms in five stages, from weak to strong.

According to the researchers, the one that will affect the Earth this week will also be one of the weaker ones, either class 2 or 3, so it will have a low impact on satellites and technologies on Earth.

The particles are expected to interact with gases in our atmosphere, creating auroras in the sky, also known as the Northern lights.

What Is A Solar Storm?

A solar storm is a natural phenomenon that occurs when high-energy particles hit the earth as a result of eruptions and explosions in the sun.

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