Solar Eclipse Is Coming! Can Be Viewed From Turkey

When and at what time will the solar eclipse be seen? Can a solar eclipse be seen with the naked eye? Important warnings from experts…

Breaths were held for the solar eclipse. The countdown continues for the last solareclipse of the year. Lunar eclipse and solareclipse are among the topics that are wondered how many times a year are seen. Kandilli Observatory publishes natural events that will take place every month. Here is the solareclipse calendar for 2022…

Solar Eclipse

The countdown continues for the last solareclipse of the year. Solar and lunar eclipses took place in 2022, which will soon end. The explanations regarding the lunar and solareclipse dates are made by the Kandilli Observatory. Experts recommend not to watch the solareclipse with the naked eye. So, when is the solar eclipse, what time is it? Where to watch the solareclipse?

When is the solar eclipse, what time is it?

One of this year’s celestial events, the SolarEclipse, will take place on October 25, 2022.

The partial solareclipse will take place between 12:40 and 15:05 Turkey time.

With the maximum phase of the eclipse, it will be 13.50. During this time, 50 percent of the Sun’s disk will be covered.

Solar Eclipse

Will the seen from Turkey?

The eclipse will be visible from Iceland, Europe, Northeast Africa, the Middle East, Western Asia, India and western China.

If the weather is clear, it will be watched from Turkey.

Solar Eclipse

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