Snakes Also Rescued in Inundated Town

Animal lovers from all over Turkey flocked to the region to support the rescue of animals trapped between buildings in Yusufeli, which started to be flooded in the Yusufeli Dam in Artvin. Volunteers, accompanied by canoe and rafting athletes, reached hard-to-reach places by boats and rescued many animals such as snakes, as well as newly born cats and dogs.

The water level continues to rise in Turkey’s highest dam, Yusufeli Dam, which started to hold water on November 22. In the district, where roads and bridges have collapsed, the dam waters cover the abandoned buildings with water, while recycling destruction continues. Rescue efforts continue for animals trapped in abandoned buildings in the old settlement whose land has been cut. Volunteer animal lovers also support the rescue of stray animals.

Volunteers, who came to the region from all over Turkey and supported the rescue of many living things under the rubble in the earthquake zone, reached hard-to-reach places by boats, accompanied by rafting athletes, and helped rescue nearly 20 animals among them. a newborn cat and dog as well as a baby Snake. In the region where the water animals, which are difficult to live in the dam waters, are rescued, the animals are treated and controlled by volunteer veterinarians and fed.


Nazilli Animal Rights and Nature Conservation Association President Mehmet Tığoğlu stated that they came from the earthquake region and said, “All animals need us if we include the turtles, horses, donkeys and various wild animals we rescued from the Mediterranean fires. We rescue animals stuck on boats with our canoe and rafting athletes. We came here from Hatay. We were doing search and rescue work for animals in the area that was under the rubble in the earthquake. We are here now. Unfortunately, too many animals are stranded here. The cats suffered a lot. There are also cats giving birth in buildings. Our volunteers and veterinarians, who have received professional animal search and rescue training from various regions of Turkey, will save all our creatures here and in this region.

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