Skull-smashed Man Clings to Life with Titanium Shards

Ali Çiftçi, who fell from the window while struggling with the thief who broke into his house on his birthday and survived although 83 percent of his skull was damaged, regained his old appearance by transferring special pieces made of titanium to his skull.


The life of 45-year-old Ciftci, a father of two, living in Istanbul, turned into a nightmare when a thief broke into his house. The body and skull of Çiftçi, who fell from the window of his house on the 3rd floor with the thief he had been fighting, were severely damaged.

After being in intensive care for months and undergoing many surgeries for 2 years, Çiftçi’s skull was restored by transplanting special titanium skull pieces produced by the Medical Design and Production Center (METÜM) at the University of Health Sciences (ŞBU). ) Gulhane Training and Research Hospital.

Explaining his experiences during this process to AA correspondent, Çiftçi stated that a thief broke into their house with his wife and children on his birthday and said, “After I started fighting with the thief, I found myself on the street. We fell to the ground with the thief from the window, and he fell on me because I was at the bottom, so I acted as an airbag for him. nothing happened, he ran away from me by stepping from the wall he climbed. I said.

“The doctors used to say to me, ‘The miracle man has come'”

Stating that he went through a long treatment process after the incident, Çiftçi said that he survived after being in intensive care for about 6 months and undergoing many surgeries for 2 years.

Stating that the doctors had a 10 percent chance of surviving, the farmer said, “When I went to the hospital, the doctors said to me, ‘The miracle man has come.’ I would think if I did. If I fell, I would stay away from cars and not get under them.’ I said.

“When I went out, people who saw me always laughed”

Explaining that he had both health problems and deteriorated appearance due to the loss of his skull, Çiftçi continued as follows:

‘I always wore a hat to avoid getting infected, and people who saw me when I went out always laughed, ‘Look at this.’ I’m fine now, my head is back to normal. Before, people were looking at him strangely, ‘How is this guy’s head?’ They were talking. Thank God I have regained my health.’

Stating that his health is as good as before the event, Çiftçi said, “Now I work with determination as in the old days. It’s as if this unfortunate event never happened. I only have platinum in my body. My employers are happy with it and so am I. I do my best, I work overtime on weekends so I’m dead. the person called is now working.’ used the phrase.

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