Shocking Problem on PlayStation 5: Users Confused!

According to a newly emerged report, PlayStation 5 systems are melting USB ports during long gaming sessions.

The issue, which shocked users, was spotted last weekend at the world’s largest fighting games tournament, Evolution in Las Vegas. Players from around the world flocked to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center to compete in games like Street Fighter 6, Guilty Gear Strive, and Tekken 7, among others. Seen here, PlayStation 5 is melting USB ports!

Playstation 5 is melting USB ports

Since the PS5 only has one USB-A port on the front, many gamers plugged their fighting game controllers into one of the available ports on the back. Considering that these systems remained open for hours as the opponents played elimination style, the PS5s were probably warming up during the day.

As a result, as the PS5 expels heat from the back of the system, temperatures rise enough to melt the plastic inside the USB ports. Some users experiencing the situation have reported that their cables are fused with their PS5 USB ports, forcing the entire port to come out when pulled. Sony and Evo did not make any statement on the subject.

It should also be noted that some users are using legacy unlicensed converters on the PS5 due to the lack of cross-system compatibility. There may be problems caused by using unlicensed hardware. It’s also unclear whether the affected USB ports are from the defective PS5s.

Sony jointly acquired Evo in 2021, along with broadcast and event management company RTS. Due to Sony’s direct stake, the default system for the Street Fighter 6 competition was PS5. While competing with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, it raised its flag on the fighting games community. However, this emerging problem does not bode well for Sony’s throne.

How to avoid PS5 melting USB ports issue?

  • Use the front USB-A or USB-C port instead of the rear port near the heat output.
  • If you have to use the rear USB-A port, wait for the console to cool before plugging it back in.
  • Avoid using unlicensed converters until an explanation is received from Sony or a third-party hardware manufacturer.

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