She Went to the Hospital for Appendicitis And Gave Birth!

21-year-old college student Kayla Nicole Simpson was having a hard time because of her pain. The young woman, who thought she was suffering from appendicitis, ended up in the hospital. In the hospital, she experienced the shock of her life. As a result of the tests performed on Kayla Nicole Simpson, it turned out that she was pregnant.

When Indiana University student Kayla Nicole Simpson, 21, went to the hospital thinking she was suffering from appendicitis, she learned that she was in labor. The young woman, who was not even aware that she was pregnant, soon took her daughter named Madi in her arms.

Kayla Nicole Simpson, 21, a student at Indiana University, thought her severe cramps were due to appendicitis. However, after she had the ultrasound, she found out she was pregnant, she said. About 15 minutes later, the birth took place.

The young woman, who said she didn’t know she was pregnant, was studying and working double shifts. The young woman, who said she had occasional pains, said that she gave these pains to her fatigue. About an hour before giving birth to her baby, the 21-year-old woman experienced contractions to warn her of the birth. Doctors said the young woman had a very rare hidden pregnancy.

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