She Takes Off The Headscarf at the Olympics For Mahsa Amini, Sent to Prison

Iranian Elnaz Rekabi, who participated in a rock climbing competition without a headscarf in South Korea, was detained at the Iranian Embassy in the country, hurriedly taken to Iran and put in Evin Prison, which is famous for its tortures.

The death of Mahsa Amini, who died in Iran after being detained for not wearing the hijab properly, caused great indignation in the country. Another support for the ongoing demonstrations in the country came from the national athlete of the country, Elnaz Rekabi. Rock climber Elnaz Rekabi joined these protests while representing his country at the Asian Climbing Championships in South Korea on Sunday.


Elnaz Rekabi, who has to cover her head in foreign countries according to the laws of the country, participated in the competition without a headscarf. The young athlete placed 4th in the competition. But the next day, his family could not connect with the athlete.


Social Media Sharing Ineffective

Yesterday morning, a message was shared on Elnaz Rekabi’s Instagram account, apologizing for participating in the competition without a headscarf. Later in the day, the fate of Elnaz Rekabi became clear. Her trainer had to take the young woman to the Iranian Embassy in South Korea.


Here, too, Elnaz Rekabi was detained. The athlete, who was sent to Iran, was taken to Evin Prison as soon as he got off the plane in Tehran. Last weekend, a fire broke out in Evin Prison, which was mentioned with allegations of torture, and 8 female prisoners lost their lives. Authorities announced that the fire broke out due to an argument between female detainees. However, before the fire, women had been heard chanting slogans against the government’s veiling policy, even outside the prison walls.



Rekabi, who made a statement on her social media account yesterday afternoon regarding the issue, which had a wide repercussion in the international community, stated that she did not take off her headscarf at the Seoul Olympics and that her foot slipped during the climb, “First of all, I apologize for all the worries I have caused. unintentionally became problematic.” made statements.

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