She Married Her Own Husband to Babysitter!

Images of a wedding ceremony in Malaysia’s Johor region became popular after being shared on TikTok. A 26-year-old woman named Sarifha Salmah Tuan Embomg arranged for her 34-year-old husband, Saiful Abdul Satar, to have a wedding with another woman to fulfill his dream of having more children.

A wedding ceremony in Malaysia witnessed interesting moments. According to the news in Harian Metro, a 26-year-old woman named Sarifha Salmah Tuan Embomg stated that her husband wanted to have more children, but she did not want to get pregnant any more, and resorted to a strange method. Embomg proposed to her husband to marry a babysitter named Nur Elyana, who took care of their children. The young woman also prepared the wedding ceremony of the couple with her own hands, and the brides wore the same outfit and did not neglect to pose at the wedding.


When images of brides posing by crossing to the left and right of 34-year-old Saiful Abdul Satar were shared on TikTok, it reached 789 thousand views in a short time. While social media users showed great interest in the wedding, wife Embomg made statements by saying that the wedding was her own idea.

Stating that she convinced her husband to marry her babysitters, Embomg said, “Elyana has been working with us for 4 years. Actually, our relationship is not like employer and employee. Because I see her as my sister. My 7 year old son is also very close to him. I do not hesitate to accept her as my husband’s second wife, ”she said.

Expressing that she was very surprised at the proposal from Embomg, Elyana, “I was shocked when she expressed her desire to marry me to her husband. When I spoke to my family, they said that they approved this marriage. I won’t have any trouble adjusting. Because I’ve been with them for a long time. I wanted her to wear a matching color wedding dress to celebrate our happy day,” she said.

Their dressing of the same color, their marriage proposal, their indifference made me nauseous. God save my mind…. -Ece

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