Shazam has the feature users have been waiting for for years: How to Use It?

Shazam has the feature users have been waiting for for years: How to Use It?

Shazam has the feature that users have been waiting for, perhaps for years. What is the feature called Live Events and how will it be used? Here are the details!

Apple, which acquired Shazam for 400 million dollars in 2017, mentioned that it was planning features that would delight users for Shazam after this acquisition.

After a long time, we see that Apple has started to put these plans into action. The feature that people who use Shazam will like very much is now available.

Shazam’s New Update Delights Users

The popular song finder app has received a new update for iPhone and iPad models. With this update, you can now continue searching for songs in Shazam while using another app.


This multitasking feature completely eliminates the need to stay in the app while searching for a song. You will still be able to get information about the song in the background while using another app.

A feature called “Live Events” will show that the song is still available in Dynamic Island while the user is in another app. In addition, an improvement will increase the likelihood of finding the song by listening to it for a longer period of time instead of listening to it in a short period of time.

These new features are available on all iPhones with iOS 15 and later software updates and on all iPads with iPadOS 15 and later software updates. To activate the feature on devices, the following steps should be followed:

  • Settings
  • Enter the Shazam app
  • When you log in to the app, activate the “Live Events” button.

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