Selimiye Mosque Restoration To Be Completed In 2025

The restoration work at the Selimiye Mosque, the masterpiece of Mimar Sinan, continues simultaneously inside and outside.

The work on the mosque, which was taken under restoration by the General Directorate of Foundations in November 2021, continues under the supervision of the scientific board.

While the works are carried out in stages, the mosque is kept open for worship and visits.

The restoration teams working to ensure that the monument, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is carried safely into the future, carry out works in accordance with the original at every point of the structure.

Lead Renovation And Stone Repair Works Completed

Within the scope of the works, the lead renovation and stone repair processes in the mosque were completed.

Work has been completed on three of the four minarets of the mosque, which can be seen from every point of the city, and work on the last minaret has come to an end.

The restoration of Selimiye’s 31-meter diameter dome, which is 43 meters above the ground, was also completed. The 29-piece realm was repaired and covered with gold leaf. The work in this area was completed by installing the stone realms of the portico domes.

In the restoration of Selimiye, Horasan mortar was used instead of the cement left over from previous works, which damaged the structure, and significant progress was made in the repair of the facade. The windows of the mosque were also renewed in accordance with the original. The interior of Selimiye has been scraped and the renovation of pencil works, wooden doors and shutters continues.

The restoration works are planned to be completed next year.

“A sensitive process accompanied by scientific and academic studies”

Edirne Culture and Tourism Director Kemal Soytürk told AA correspondent that the restoration works in the mosque are being carried out meticulously.

Stating that every area of the building was examined and the necessary interventions were made in accordance with the original, Soytürk stated that the mosque was carried to the future in a healthy way and said:

“Selimiye Mosque is a masterpiece for our civilization. A sensitive process is underway accompanied by scientific and academic studies. It is a beautiful thing to witness the restoration of Selimiye. The work continues intensively. There is meticulous work in the workshops. Remarkable work is being done in glass, stone and wood workshops. We are eagerly awaiting the completion of the restoration of Selimiye. Restoration works are a very sensitive process. We expect the work to be completed in the planned time.”

Soytürk pointed out that Selimiye is an important value of the city’s tourism.

Emphasizing that even the restoration works in the mosque attract visitors, Soytürk stated that the mosque will host more visitors with the completion of the works.

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