Security camera attacking thieves

The PaintCam Eve smart security camera distinguishes people, makes various warnings within algorithms and tries to remove them at a certain level.

Today, cameras have become inevitable in homes and workplaces due to security concerns. Consumers are interested in cameras with smart features, continuous recording or motion detection. There is one project that is quite interesting.

What is PaintCam Eve?

Developed by a Slovenian startup, the security camera called PaintCam Eve draws attention with its artificial intelligence features as well as a special system. The camera can shoot paintballs and spray gas.

Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms can distinguish whether the object attached to the sensor is human or animal. When it detects a human image that is not on the white list, it makes an announcement and asks the visitor to leave the residence within 5 seconds.

If the visitor persists, this time it throws paintballs to mark the color. Then it fires tear gas. In order for the visitor to survive this attack, he/she must be accompanied by a person from the white list and this person must give instructions to the camera.

Of course, this applies to the Eve Pro version. The Eve and Eve Plus versions will be slightly more affordable. PaintCam Eve smart security camera will start its crowdfunding campaign towards the end of the month.

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