Scooters Started To be Collected in Kadiköy!

Scooters Started To be Collected in Kadiköy!

In Kadıköy, municipality teams started criminal proceedings by collecting scooters on the pavement in order to protect the rights of pedestrians and to enforce the article in the law.

During the inspection, which will last until 17.00 today, 80 scooters have been collected by the municipality teams so far, while 60 scooters have been removed by the company officials. A total of 49 thousand 360 TL was fined within the scope of the collected scooters.

Kadıköy Municipality teams took action after Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı’s statement the previous day. Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı and the teams went down to the streets of Kadıköy and made investigations. Later, the teams collected the scooters on the road and pavement and were punished. It was stated that the justification for the measures taken was the protection of the rights of pedestrians and the implementation of the articles in the law.

49 thousand TL fine

While 80 scooters have been removed by municipal teams so far, 60 scooters have been removed by company officials. Municipal teams gave scooter companies a certain amount of time to collect the scooters occupying the sidewalks. The scooter locks, which did not show any movement within the given time, were cut and loaded into the van from where it was found and taken to the municipal warehouses. A total of 49 thousand 360 TL was fined from the scooters collected by the municipality teams. It is stated that the application will continue throughout the day.



Kadıköy Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı said in a statement about the inspection, “With the call we have made to the public both on social media and through you for 2 days, pedestrians such as scooters, courier motors, advertising rackets or tables and chairs on the roads. Sidewalks in Kadıköy can be easily removed from the sidewalks. .I said we will start work on the things that prevent them from passing. Today I announced that we will collect the scooters that prevent the passage of pedestrians, disabled cars or disabled people on the sidewalks. Baby carriages, friends will collect all scooters on the sidewalks in this condition. “We want the occupation of sidewalks to end. We are against pedestrian sidewalks and random and irregular parks. Our struggle is to open sidewalks for use only with springs. We are ready to do all the other works together with them,” he said.


President Odabaşı continued his words as follows: “They probably carried out a study saying that there is no pavement occupation in the areas we have been visiting since yesterday evening. We call and tell them where we are while collecting. We call them and tell them where we are. “We will remove all kinds of vehicles that pose an obstacle. Pedestrian crossing. Apart from that, we do not have a problem with our citizens and young people who meet their transportation needs with scooters. However, these companies need to get themselves together now.”



Mesut Özen, a tradesman in Kadıköy, said, “As tradesmen, not only us, but everyone except the riders is uncomfortable. Use scooters in places where there are a lot of pedestrians, but people can ride comfortably on the beaches, but there are many. It is crowded around 3-4 in the afternoon. There is also a scooter. it doesn’t happen,” he said.



Speaking about the scooter, Citizen Aysel Aray said, “There are young people who use motorcycles. There is a serious problem in Turkey because the infrastructure and roads are not suitable for scooters. I think young people cannot use them as they wish. It is dangerous.”

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