Scientists’ New Discovery Prevents Aging!

Scientists’ New Discovery Prevents Aging!

Anti-aging molecule improves memory, muscle performance and inflammation in mice. It offers potential impact on aging and diseases. Here are the details!

Scientists have discovered a molecule that reactivates the telomerase reverse transcriptase TERT, an enzyme known to help synthesize and lengthen telomeres, protective caps that help cells, located at the ends of chromosomes that decline with aging.

This discovery reversed the cellular decline in the aging process, leading to significant improvements in memory, muscle performance and inflammation.

Success of the Anti-Aging Molecule

In experiments on mice, researchers at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas have found a compound that increases TERT levels in mice that reach the human equivalent of 75 years of age.

After administering this compound to mice for six months, they observed new neurons forming in the hippocampus, the memory center of the mice’s brains. This led to improved performance in cognitive tests and an increase in genes related to learning.

The researchers also observed that TERT activation reversed the natural weakening of muscle mass in mice, known as sarcopenia. Stronger grip strength, speed, coordination and neuromuscular function were measured in the mice.

The study authors note that this pathway of TERT activation, if it continues to show positive results, could have important implications in the fight against many diseases caused by aging. However, they emphasize that safety and efficacy need to be further evaluated in long-term treatment strategies.

This important study, published in the journal Cell, shows that understanding the molecular mechanisms driving the aging process offers the opportunity to understand the causes of age-related chronic diseases and discover new drug targets for intervention.

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