Science Released: Earthquakes 7 and Above Can Be Detected 2 Hours In Advance!

Science Released: Earthquakes 7 and Above Can Be Detected 2 Hours In Advance!

A promising development for humanity was shared in an article published in the journal Science recently. Details are here!

According to the news in Mynet, scientists found a formula that gives 2 hours notice of earthquakes of 7 and above. The main point of the formula is the data from the GPS device. Based on these data, French scientists announced that large earthquakes can be detected thanks to the early warning threshold.

Earthquakes Can Be Detected In Advance

Seismologist Quentin Bletery, who works at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement unit of the Cote d’Azur University in France, stated that the invention is a very important development for earthquake science.

Earthquakes 7 and Above

Bletery and Jean-Mathieu Nocquet analyzed a dataset from the University of Nevada at Reno to examine GPS stations located near earthquake zones with magnitudes greater than 7.0.

During the study, experts discovered that in the last two hours before the earthquake, the ground motion began to align with the predicted motion and intensified as the earthquake time approached.

After the study, it was announced that it is difficult to use the development obtained in real life with the current technological opportunities. This formula, which could be possible with the development of existing technology after the project, remained a project open to development.

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