Scary Image At The World Famous Beach!

Scary Image At The World Famous Beach!

Bodies washed ashore in the Mexican city of Acapulco. Authorities said they believed the victims were killed due to cartel wars. Police teams said that two of the bodies were tied to a concrete anchor, while they were tortured, and three bodies were shot in the back of the head.

While the drug war has been going on for many years in South America, the fights between gangs have been the scene of terrible images recently. Finally, those who went to the beach of Acapulco, one of the touristic cities of Mexico, encountered shocking images. Three bodies washed up on the city’s Condesa beach. While those on the beach at that moment could not hide their astonishment at the terrible event, the police came to the area.

Famous Beach

Famous Beach


The gruesome photos show children playing next to corpses swimming in the sea or even washed up on the beach. While the images were on the agenda following the emergence of the incident, the police announced in their first statement that ‘traces of torture’ were found on the corpses. Authorities said they believe the victims were killed due to cartel wars.


The Spanish-language newspaper El Pais announced that two bodies were found on the beach by tourists, and a third was found on the nearby beach of Icacos.

Famous Beach

Famous Beach


The fact that the beach was not closed after the bodies were found also caused reactions. Police said two of the bodies were tied to concrete anchors so they could easily get ashore, they were tortured and all three were shot in the back of the head. According to the news in Sözcü, Mexico is known as one of the countries where gang and cartel wars are intense. The bodies of people who were martyred as a result of gang wars in the last period were left in different parts of the city and the gangs were sending messages to each other in this way. People on the beach are thought to have been victims of a similar incident.

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