Santa Claus Tomb Opened in Antalya! Archaeologists are Coming to Turkey

The tomb of St. Nicholas, known to have inspired the figure of Santa Claus in 343 AD, was unearthed during excavations in Antalya. While this development is affecting the whole world, many archaeologists from all over the world will come to Turkey to examine the tomb in the coming days.

Known for its underground riches as well as above ground, Turkey continues to attract the attention of the world public opinion with its archaeological structure. During the latest excavations in Antalya, the tomb of the Christian bishop St. Nicholas, who died in 343 AD at the age of 73, was unearthed.

Santa Claus

Inspiration for Santa Claus

st. Another feature of Nicholas caught the attention of the whole world. Known for his aid and donations to the poor, St. Nicholas is the inspiration for the well-known figure of Santa Claus today.


After these developments, many archaeologists from all over the world decided to come to Turkey to examine the tomb. It is stated that the tomb unearthed in Antalya is very important for the archeology community.

Santa Claus

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