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Samsung is making its own ChatGPT

Samsung recently banned its employees from using the ChatGPT chatbot owned by OpenAI. New reports show that the company is developing an artificial intelligence tool similar to ChatGPT.

Samsung has reportedly partnered with Naver to build an artificial intelligence platform similar to ChatGPT. However, unlike ChatGPT, this artificial intelligence tool will reportedly be used internally by Samsung employees.

Competitor to ChatGPT

Samsung recently learned the dangers and consequences of using ChatGPT in a corporate environment in an undesirable way. Some of the company’s sensitive information about semiconductors was leaked via ChatGPT as several employees tried to use the tool to make their job easier. Since then, Samsung has not allowed its employees to use ChatGPT, but reportedly the company will not abandon the idea of helping its workforce with the power of productive artificial intelligence.

It will be exclusive to Samsung employees

It is stated that the company has partnered with Naver Corp to develop a special artificial intelligence platform for Samsung corporate users. Samsung’s productive AI is not publicly available like ChatGPT, but will be exclusive to employees in the firm’s Device Solutions Division. It can then be made available to other employees of other Samsung branches, such as the Device eXperience division, which is responsible for the tool, mobile phones, home appliances and the like, after field tests.

Because Samsung’s in-house AI won’t leave the company’s servers and will be private to its employees, it could result in Samsung training the chatbot to best benefit it. For example, it is conceivable that Samsung will share sensitive semiconductor data with Naver and then apply this information to productive artificial intelligence. In this way, Samsung employees can use the true potential of artificial intelligence without worrying about the source code for semiconductors being leaked to the outside.

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