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Salda Lake is a slightly salty karstic lake surrounded by forest-covered hills, rocky lands and small alluvial plains, in the Yeşilova district of Burdur, 4 km away from the district center. So far, Salda has remained the place where more locals come to have a picnic. In the past, people from outside did not come often, and interestingly, there were more foreign tourists. This year, it started to attract the attention of bikers and cyclists. Since it is high on the raft (at 1880 meters), there is a lot of cloud movements. If the weather is clear, there is always a cortege of fluffy white clouds. Islands emerge in the summer with the retreat of the waters. Firslty, Salta is the cleanest lake of Turkey! Its water is so clear that its color is turquoise, competing with the Maldives. It is the deepest freshwater lake in Turkey with up to 184 meters deep. Like the color of the water, its sand competes with the Maldives in its whiteness. It is these talcum powder shores that make this place such a paradise anyway. Magnesium mineral is what gives it this white color. In fact, when something was left in the lake for a long time, a white layer formed as time passed. This shows that the lake still produces magnesite. The surrounding area has endemic plant and animal species unique to Salda Lake only. There are 3 endemic freshwater fish in the lake and
different species of wild boars, foxes and turtles around the lake. This is the habitat of the whiteheaded duck, which are also endangered in winter. Since it is a tectonic crater lake, Salda’s water is rich in soda and magnesium.

The secret of that unique white beach is magnesium. All of them are good for skin and hair. Since its sand is also clayey, it is very suitable for mud bath, which is very good for the skin. Salda lake is one of the most popular destinations for campers, caravaners and cyclists. Every year, the most enthusiastic part of camping festivals is experienced here. Salda Lake is located
in Yeşilova District of Burdur. It takes 4 km, that is, around 5 minutes, to go to Salda from the district center. In order to reach Salda Lake from Burdur, you can reach from Burdur bus station with Yeşilova tourism’s Yeşilova buses for 17 TL per person in a period of 1.5 hours.

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