Stream Hacked: 60 Million User’s Information Leaked! Hacked: 60 Million User’s Information Leaked!

It was claimed that user data was leaked from the Sahibinden , which is one of the most visited sites in Turkey. Details are here!

While many different brands have recently come to the fore with data leaks as victims of hackers, the Sahibinden seems to have joined this caravan.

According to this leak, which was detected after sharing on a hacker forum, it is stated that if a hacker receives 100 thank you messages, 60 million users will share their data.

Although the source and accuracy of this data has not yet been determined, the incident spread quickly and users are waiting for a response from the company related to the incident. When we look at the data allegedly seized, we can see that there is a series of data belonging to name-surname, phone number, e-mail address and corporate accounts. Hacked Hacked: 60 Million User’s Information Leaked!

Hacker Shared a Statement on the Subject

The hacker’s share is as follows:

“I share important data such as names, surnames, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of 60 million users on Turkey’s most visited site. The information of corporate members, who make up the majority of their annual income of 250 million dollars, can be found in the link below.

If there are 100 thank you messages under this post, I will share the data of all members. If 250 thank you messages come, I will share the site’s user information in sqlite format. Passwords are encrypted with SHA1 algorithm, so you may need mining farm (system with many video cards) to crack passwords.

Why am I sharing this data for free? The price of the house I looked at in Antalya last year has doubled in dollars thanks to this site! Plus, I said I could disclose the vulnerabilities for free, but they read my email and didn’t care. I have never seen such a disgraceful site in terms of security.”

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