Russia’s Attacks On Kyiv Left The City Without Water and Electricity

The capital, Kyiv, is going through hard times after Russia’s airstrike on Ukraine. After these attacks, 40 percent of the electricity infrastructure and 80 percent of the water resources were damaged in the capital. With these attacks, Putin is forcing Ukraine to surrender in the war.

While 8 months are left behind in the Russia-Ukraine War, civilian life is almost disappearing. After Putin recently bombed the capital, Kiev, with drones and missiles, the city’s infrastructure came very close to being completely destroyed. The city is preparing for much worse scenarios for the coming days.


Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko stated that various scenarios are being considered against attacks on the city and said, “The worst of them are places where there is no electricity, water or central heating.” Klitschko stated that they have prepared more than 1000 warming points in the city against this possibility.


“20,000 homes were left without electricity”

Klitschko explained that nearly 300 thousand houses in the city could not be supplied with electricity, but after the last attack, 20 thousand subscribers were left without electricity. These places will be equipped with generators and have stocks for necessities such as water.

Kyiv is Thirsty

In the capital, the people have difficulty in accessing water as well as electricity. When the attacks left nearly 80 percent of the capital city without water, the people of Kyiv formed a queue in front of the wells. Thousands of people in the city queued to get water from the wells.


It is pointed out that the purpose of these attacks was after Putin suffered heavy losses at the front. With these attacks, Putin aims to surrender Ukraine in the war and break its influence in other pockets.

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