Russian Investors’ First Choice Became Antalya

When we look at the statistics of foreign investors, the first choice of Russian investors became Antalya city. According to the latest data disclosed, although foreign investors epidemic Covid-19, housing sales volume in Turkey increased by 26% in September managed to reach the highest number of 2020. The city where Russian investors bought the most houses was Antalya. More than 17.000 houses were sold in the first three quarters of 2020, and most of the total real estate sales in Antalya during this period were made to Russian investors. Foreign investors made Russians Taking the lead in sales continued their high interest in Turkey.

The coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected the real estate industry, as in all areas. In particular, international flight restrictions and quarantine measures created the biggest obstacle for Russian investors to purchase housing in Antalya. Housing sales have come to a halt as they cannot be realized naturally. However, with the introduction of the new normal process in July and the gradual removal of travel bans, a significant increase was observed in housing sales to Russian investors in Antalya.

Pandemic is a not Factor for Russian Investors

Turkey Statistical Institute, according to data from the pandemic despite the number of houses sold to foreign investors in Turkey has reached the level of 5.000 units increased by 26% compared to September of last year. In the housing sales to foreigners, Istanbul took the first place in September 2020 with 2.370. Istanbul was followed by Antalya with 1018 house sales, Ankara with 347 house sales, Bursa with 239 house sales and Mersin with 191 house sales. 3,388 housing sales, corresponding to 64% of the total sales, took place in Istanbul and Antalya.

In the first three quarters of 2020, housing sales to foreign investors decreased by 18% compared to the same period of the previous year and decreased to 26 thousand this year. 11966 of this sale was in Istanbul, 5125 in Antalya, 1829 in Ankara, 882 in Bursa, 821 in Yalova, 819 in Mersin, 615 in Izmir, 589 in Samsun, 555 in Sakarya. 416 of them took place in Aydın and 2 thousand 548 in other provinces. 17.091 of them, corresponding to 65% of the total sales, were made from Istanbul and Antalya.

Turkey in Istanbul in which the world’s most in demand by foreigners were interested in the whole country. There was a 23.2% increase in housing sales to foreigners in Istanbul in September compared to the same period of the previous year. Turkey in the city with more than 40% of overall sales in the January – September period, while life has stood still because of outbreaks March – a decrease of 16% due to the negative impact of the period from July.

Antalya : A Different Perspective

In Antalya, which is the second most popular city for foreigners to buy housing, in recent years, especially in the coastal areas, studio 1+0, 1+1, 2+1 housing complex with security and pool, smart system and furnished house concepts varying between 50-120 square meters. The number has been increased. The sector, which tends towards these house models, which are popular with foreigners, enables tourists who prefer the city in the summer months for vacation purposes, to have a longer holiday in the city as a host. House sales, which were 744 to foreigners in September last year, increased by 36% in September 2020. In the January – September period, there was an 18% decrease. Antalya is mostly preferred by citizens of countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Kazakhstan.

In Turkey, when we look at the ranking of foreign investors to purchase housing, 4.716 thousand in the first nine months of housing-first Iranians it is taking place. Iraqi citizens come second with 4 thousand 165 houses. While Russian investors take the third place with 1895 houses, the majority in Antalya, the fourth is Afghans with 1277 houses and Azerbaijanis with 883 houses in the fifth. Other countries with the highest housing sales are as follows; Germany 847, Yemen 769, Kuwait 711, Jordan 709, England 676, Kazakhstan 664, China 659, Palestine 627, Ukraine 515, Egypt 504, Lebanon 467, Libya 428, Sweden 343, USA 327, Qatar 305, other countries total 4 It was recorded as 979 thousand units.

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