Robotic Limbs Are Now in Our Lives: Here’s Handmade Robotics

Robotic Limbs Are Now in Our Lives: Here’s Handmade Robotics

A company that plans to produce humanoid robots shared the robotic hand they produced. Details are here!

A technology company based in Poland called Clone is designing robotic hands to replicate the human hand and enable it to perform similar functions. The robotic limbs they designed contain bones, ligaments and muscles just like a human hand.

While this robotic hand, which they cover with carbon fiber, is designed with artificial materials, all 37 muscles they provide to the limbs are controlled by a hydraulic system. Thus, this robotic hand can perform lifelike movements just like a human hand.

Company Aims To Make Humanoid Robots

Founded in November 2021 by Dhanush Radahakrishnan and Lukasz Kozlik, the company aims to produce human robots that will work not only with hands but with the whole body. If they can carry the robotic hand they have produced with very low costs to the human body, they plan to enable the androids they produce to undertake ordinary tasks in daily life.

In the video shared on the company’s Twitter account, which you can watch above, we can see that the robotic hand, which moves a small ball between its fingers, is shown for the first time. The company also states that they will continue to work on prosthetic limbs for the disabled in the future.

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Robotic Limbs

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