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Required Documents for Address Change for Foreigners in Turkey

Many foreigners are asking about required documents for address change for foreigners in Turkey at the last times. You will find details about how the address change is completed and the documents required for foreigners to change the address in the rest of this article. Residence address means the place where the person lives in. According to the law, people are required to officially document their place of residence. In addition, people who want to obtain a settlement certificate must make a change of address within 20 days via e-government or population directorates.

According to the actual population regulation, ever citizen are obliged to inform the address of the place of residence accurately and in writing. This declaration is made with the declaration form to address population directorate in Turkey individually. All people who are obliged to declare their address are obliged to notify the district population directorates within twenty days at the latest about the changes regarding the settlement. Like Turkish citizens, the foreigners who have a residence permit and stay in Turkey legally are also obliged to declare their residence addresses. There is no difference in terms of address notification obligation of persons. Republic of Turkey Population Act, any action due to the imprisonment and administrative fines on the declarant unrealistic to population departments when applying those who fulfill their obligations is also implemented certain amount of administrative fines.

How to Make Change of Address on E-Government?

It’s possible to make change of address on e-government with mobile signature or e-signature. But,, it is not possible to change the address without having an e-signature registered in the system. It is possible to create an address if the moving place is not registered in the system before. However, if the address has been previously declared by others, the address cannot be changed. For this reason, it is not possible to change the address via e-government without a mobile or electronic signature. For this, first of all, it is necessary to go to the population directorate and change the address. Thus, it is possible to obtain a settlement certificate via e-government.

How can Foreigners Make Change of Address ?

Foreigners should attach their address and contact informations to the application documents after obtaining settlement document with a residence permit application. If foreigners have changed their address after applying for a residence permit or after receiving their new identities, they must notify the immigration administration in the city where they live.

Also, the foreigners must complete their address registrations who obtained their residence permit from consulates of Turkey in 20 working days by applying population directorate.

On the other hand, foreigners who move their residence permit to an address in a city other than the city where they obtained a residence permit, must apply within 20 working days and obtain a new residence permit. In this process, if the residence permit type does not change, a new residence permit is issued, but the period paid is not charged again.

In determined time periods above, if the foreigners don’t complete their registrations, they would face with cancelling their ID Cards. For this reason, foreigners are required to go to the immigration management directorate in the city where they live, with some documents such as the lease agreement, after the address change, and make a statement that they have changed their address. This process can be carried out very easily and in a short time. Ignoring this notification for foreigners can cause many negative problems. Although foreigners do not make a timely notification of change of address, they may result in the cancellation of the residence permit. Special attention should be paid to this issue and the obligations must be followed completely.

What are The Required Documents?

There are some required documents while applying for address change by foreigners. These are;

  • Rental Contract
  • Residence Permit
  • Passport

In order to change the address, firstly foreigners must  register their new addresses in the system by applying to the population directorate of the city they are in with a rental contract for their new address and obtain an address settlement document.  In this article, we talked about the details you need to know about the change of address documents required of foreigners in Turkey, please contact us if you have any questions comments section.

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  1. To whom it may concer;
    Have a good day!
    İ want to change my address because i am moving to another flat but the same place,its in Sanayi Mahallesi Kağithane.
    What i should do?
    Waiting for your kindly response
    God bless and more power!

    1. Hello, as I understand it, you will be moving to another house in the same neighborhood. If so, the steps you need to take are the same.

  2. Hello , please I change from Istanbul to Trabzon where I live please how can I change my address cos I went to nüfus and immigration they say it’s not possible

    1. İn order to change the place from one city to another, first of all you should apply for new residence permit as an initial one through immigation system in Trbazon city as soon as your residence permit will be approved, you can register your address in Trabzon officially.

  3. Ii am mr nijns louis raymond my ikamet no. 99478926858. i moved from kemer/beldibi to yazir in kumulca. but i have been to gic idaresi three times already. everything ok. but apparently they can’t change my address due to problems with documents owners. I have a legal signed lease with emlak. and have interbet on my behalf here. I do not understand. I do not want any problems . i am retired nato soldier from belgium. and have lived here for several years. i would like to apply for dual citizenship someday if this is possible. hopefully you can help me. best regards mr nijns louis raymond

    I try in turkisk

    ben mr nijns louis raymond ikamet no 99478926858. kemer/beldibi’nden kumulca’daki yazir’e taşındım. ama daha önce üç kez gic idaresine gittim. her şey yolunda. ama görünüşe göre belge sahipleriyle ilgili sorunlardan dolayı adresimi değiştiremiyorlar. Emlak ile yasal imzalı bir kira kontratım var. ve benim adıma burada interbet var. Anlamıyorum. Herhangi bir sorun istemiyorum. ben belçika’dan emekli nato askeriyim. ve birkaç yıldır burada yaşıyor. Bu mümkünse bir gün çifte vatandaşlık başvurusunda bulunmak istiyorum. umarım bana yardım edebilirsin. Saygılarımla bay nijns louis raymond

  4. I have moved to the Kocaeli region from Istanbul. I want to change my address on my permit resident to my present address. Can you advise me. Thank you.

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